Chapter House

The Chapter House was the heart of everyday business at Birkenhead Priory. All the practical considerations about the life of the monastery and the estates would be sorted out here. The name comes from the fact that one chapter from the Rule of St Benedict was read each morning to instruct and remind the monks and the staff of their duties and responsibilities. A stone seat would have run around the perimeter of the building for everyone to be seated during the business of the day.

Black and white photo of chapel

This is the oldest part of the Priory, dating to its foundation in the middle of the 12th century. The doorway and widow arches either side and one internal window are round-headed indication that they are Norman but the building, like the rest of the Priory site, has been altered. The stonework of the other windows are probably 15th century, all the stained glass was installed in the 20th century.

Once the Priory was closed down in 1536 the Chapter House became a chapel (as the nearest church was in Bidston). This function continues today as the church is part of Birkenhead’s Priory Parish.

Find out more about the Graveslabs of the Priory Chapel. Thank you to Carly McEvoy for her research.