A Scriptorium is the place where monks would go to write. This was a time before printed books, so everything had to be written by hand. The building is very much altered but originally it may only have been entered from the church, probably through a door near where the present one is located. It was built on top of the Chapter House, probably around 1375.

What purpose it was put to once the monastery was closed we do not know. In Victorian times it was a schoolroom and later a Sunday School. It was extensively rebuilt between 1913 and 1919 with a new roof, panelling, windows and a restored fireplace. In 1996 it was dedicated to the Friends of HMS Conway, the naval training ship that floated on the River Mersey off Rock Ferry for many years. It is full of memorabilia associated with the training ship and the boys who trained on her, many of whom went on to be famous either as sailors or in other walks of life. All the windows in here were designed by David Hillhouse.

Stainedglass window with boat