About Birkenhead Priory

As the oldest standing building on Merseyside, the Priory offers a unique insight into the town of Birkenhead and its historical and spiritual importance in the development of Wirral.

Now surrounded by factory units and shipyards, the Priory is an oasis of calm in a busy world and affords unrivalled views of the river and surrounding area.

The Chapter House is consecrated as a Church of England chapel hosts regular church services as well as Baptisms, Weddings and Funeral.

The Scriptorium is the home of the Friends of HMS Conway. The Conway was a training ship which formerly stood in the River Mersey off Rock Ferry.

The Undercroft houses a small museum tells that the story of the medieval Priory. Above the Undercroft is The Refectory, now covered with an award winning roof. Today visit the refectory to dress up or complete some grave rubbings.

St Mary’s, the first parish church of Birkenhead (1821), survives now as only a tower and spire, having been demolished in the 1970’s. This late-Georgian church ruin, with cast iron tracery in the surviving windows, is available to climb the 101 stairs to give unrivalled views across the River Mersey. The tower is now dedicated as a memorial to the 99 men lost in the 1939 disaster aboard the Laird’s built submarine HMS Thetis.

Conservation Management Plan

Review the Birkenhead Priory Conservation Management Plan: Download Gazetteer PDF.