Timeline of events

12th Century

c. 1150: Priory founded by Hamo de Mascy

13th Century

c. 1200-1250: Priory Church Re built
1275: Royal visit by Edward I
1277: Royal visit by Edward I
1284: Prior applies to divert road around Priory Buildings

14th Century

1318: Prior petitions for a hostel. Royal Charter
1330: Royal charter from Edward III leads to building of the Great Hall
c. 1375: Scriptorium built
1381: Only 5 monks at the Priory

15th Century

1496: Only 5 monks at the Priory

16th Century

1518: Only 7 monks at the Priory
1536: Dissolution of the monasteries by Henry V111
1544: Ralph Worsley buys Priory lands
1573: Ralph Worsley died, succeeded by Alice (daughter) who marries Thomas Powell

17th Century

c. 1600: Manor house built on site of old hostel called “ the Priory”
1644: Priory occupied by Royalists and fortified – lost to Roundheads
c. 1660: Manor House re built

18th Century

1713:: John Cleveland buys Priory lands
1716:: Priory lands inherited by Alice Cleveland (daughter) who marries Francis Price. 3 pillars and arches of Priory church still standing.
1787:: Old Chester Road made into Turnpike Lane across Tranmere Pool

19th Century

1801: Population in Birkenhead 110
: First Steam Ferry to Liverpool
1820: Birkenhead hotel opens
1822: St Mary’s Church opens
1824: William Laird moves to Birkenhead
1831: Population in Birkenhead 3434
St Mary’s church extended
1839: Bar blown down
1841: Population in Birkenhead 8223
Ferry rights sold to town of Birkenhead
1843: Manor house demolished
1844: Foundation stone for Docks
1845: Birkenhead Market opens
1846: Flay brick Hill cemetery opened – (Priory site interments slow down)
1847: Birkenhead Park and Docks open
1854: Vicarage built next to Great Hall
1856: First Public Library opens in Birkenhead
1857: Laird’s Shipyard moves to present site
1861: Population in Birkenhead 51,649
Birkenhead incorporated as a town
1886: Mersey Railway tunnel opens
1887: Birkenhead Town Hall opened
1891: Population in Birkenhead 99,587
Appeal launched to save Priory from ruin. Priory bought by public subscription
1898: First phase of restoration complete ( Victorian)

20th century

1901: Population of Birkenhead 110,915
Chapter house and scriptorium restoration begun (Georgian)
1919: Chapter House dedicated as a chapel
1931: Population of Birkenhead 147,946
Mersey Road Tunnel Opens
1941: Scriptorium damaged by incendiary bomb
1949: Scriptorium restored. Woodchurch housing estate opened.
1950: Octocentenary celebrations of The Birkenhead Priory
1951: Population of Birkenhead 137,738
Princess Dock at Cammell Laird opened
1971: St Mary’s Church closes
1975: St Mary’s demolished except for the Tower
1979: Birkenhead Priory becomes a Scheduled Monument
1986: Modern Restoration of The Undercroft and Buttery
1988: Museum opened in Undercroft
1992: Refectory re-roofed
1996: The Friends of HMS Conway moved into the Scriptorium

21st Century

2013: HLF Bid: Restoration of St Mary’s Church
2015: HLF- Restoration of Western Range and onsite maintenance by Ainsley Gommon
2014: First Picnic in the priory – fundraising event

2015: Design and launch of thebirkenheadpriory.org