Camille Smithwick: All Paths Lead To The River

11th May - 30th August

The unseen becomes seen as a mystical procession of River Sprites reveal themselves at the ancient Priory.  Local artist Camille Smithwick has created a series of new sculptures exploring the significance of the River Mersey in the founding of Birkenhead. 

Taking inspiration from folklore her characters emerge from the watery landscape, personifying the eternal flow and energy of the river that has shaped our landscape, people and culture.  The unerring force of the river pulls us like a magnet towards it; it is welcoming and bountiful yet also severe and formidable; a creator and a destroyer that reflects the duality and cyclical nature of life. 

The Priory has been chosen as the setting for the exhibition due to it being the site of one of the earliest crossings across the Mersey, the monks being early challengers of the currents and tides; whilst the adjacent Cammell Laird shipyard offers a striking juxtaposition that demonstrates our continuing desire to harness the power of the river.

All Paths Lead To The River is presented as part of The Town Is The Gallery, Convenience Gallery’s new programme of arts and culture. This is the first in a series of programmes which will take place across Birkenhead and Wirral between March and August. The programme will feature artists, artworks, socials, parties, electronic music, workshops, and so much more. All the artists involved are paid artist fair pay, and all Town is the Gallery key events are free to take part in.

Convenience is a not for profit, creative arts platform based in Birkenhead, Merseyside. We produce high quality arts and culture programmes to enrich and empower communities. We use our platform to promote and advocate for creative people nationally, and to inspire those in our local area. We run free and affordable events, exhibitions, installations, workshops, labs, creative courses, and artistic support. We believe anywhere can be a space for culture and run our programming across multiple venues and spaces in the area.

Dates and Times

11/05/2024 12:00 am - 30/08/2024 12:00 am

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