Wirral Heritage Open Days

The Heritage Open Days in Wirral will take place from 6-16 September 2018 and are an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the local buildings that we often pass everyday with out a second glance.

Visit the Priory during the annual Wirral Heritage Open Days, as always the site is free to visit.

  • Thursday 6th, Friday 7th September   1pm to 5pm.

  • Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th September   10am to 5pm.

  • Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th, Friday 14th September   1pm to 5pm.

  • Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th September   10am to 5pm.



To be sure of a visit to the Conway Chapel, please call ahead to ask if there is a Conway volunteer available at the time of your proposed visit or if you need assistance for access, please ring the Priory mobile number of 07796 336 120. For more information on the fabulous heritage open days, download their brochure or collect on site.

Dates and Times