Liverpool Guitar Society perform Cyril Scott

Liverpool Guitar Society will perform Oxton-born Cyril Scott's Sonatina for Guitar.

This piece, commissioned by Andrés Segovia in 1927, was thought lost and only rediscovered as recently as 2001. The programme will feature Richard Harding’s classical guitar quartet arrangement of the piece alongside works written by other English composers.

In addition soloists from Liverpool Guitar Society will be showcasing their talents with pieces from the classical guitar repertoire.

Tickets @ £5 from

The concert will, in effect, officially inaugurate the window portrait of Cyril Scott commissioned by the Friends of the Williamson Art Gallery & Wirral Museums (now Williamson & Priory Friends) painted by David Hillhouse and left unfinished when he died in 2013. Members of David’s family will be present at the concert.

Dates and Times

15/06/2019 2:00 pm 15/06/2019 2:00 pm

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